Black Cat Camera

New features in ver2.0

Added the ability to detect eye-like objects on black cats.
Added support for portrait mode shooting on models with dual cameras.

Want to take beautiful pictures of black cats!

Don’t you think that black cats tend to be underexposed?
Don’t you think it’s easy to miss a good photo opportunity while you’re adjusting the exposure?
“BlackCatCamera” is a camera app specially designed for taking pictures of such black cats.
It will automatically adjust the exposure to the black cat.
So it will help you take beautiful black cat pictures capturing their expressions and fur without missing a photo opportunity!

Non-black cats? It’s okay!

By turning off the “ForBlackCat” mode, non-black cats will also be supported.

Added the ability to focus on the black cat’s eye(-like object).

– When you turn on “eye-like object detection” in the settings menu, the app will search for a black cat’s eye-like object in the current subject box.
– If the app finds it, the center point for focusing will be automatically set to the position of the found eye.
– When the app automatically sets the center point for focusing, the shape of the crosshair mark indicating the center point for focusing will change.
– You can set the point manually at any time by tapping.
– This feature is only for black cats, and will only be enabled when the “ForBlackCats” mode is on.

Shooting in portrait mode is now supported.

On models with dual cameras available, a “Shooting Mode” option will appear in the settings menu, allowing you to switch between normal photo mode and portrait mode.

Note: How to display the portrait mode photos you have taken
When you open it in the “Photos app”, it will not appear as portrait mode at first, but once you select “Edit” in the “Photos app” and turn on the “PORTRAIT” button, it will appear as portrait mode.

How to Use “Black Cat Camera”

Black Cat Mode

When the “For Black Cats” button is ON, the app will be in a special mode for taking pictures of black cats.
– The app automatically finds a black cat and adjusts the focus and brightness to the black cat.
– You can use the slider to tell the app the desired brightness.
– Depending on the model you are using, the brightness adjustment may work too weak or too strong. In that case, try switching High/Mid/Low of “Exposure Adjustment Strength” in the app’s settings menu.

Non-Black Mode

When the “For Black Cats” button is OFF, the app also supports non-black cats.
– The app automatically finds a cat and adjusts the focus and brightness.
– You can adjust the brightness with the slider. In this mode, the slider functions as a normal exposure compensation.
– You can also adjust the brightness by dragging the screen up and down as well as using the slider.

Choosing a Cat

If the subject found automatically by the app is wrong, you can tap to select the correct one.

Point for Focusing

If the crosshair mark indicating the center point for focusing is displayed, you can change the location of it by tapping.
(Currently it seems that this feature is not available for front cameras.)

Shape of the Crosshair

– The center point for focusing may be set automatically when the “eye-like object detection” for black cats is turned on.
– You can set it manually at any time by tapping.
– The eye-like object detection feature can be turned off in the settings menu.


– You can zoom by pinching the screen, or by tapping/long-pressing/dragging the zoom button.

Viewing Photos

– Tap the Open Photos Button to open the standard Photos app.
– To come back from Photos app, it’s convenient to use the back button labeled “◀︎BlackCatCamera” that appears on the top left corner of the screen.